The Quaker Hill Quarterly is a publication of Quaker Hill Farm, LLC, breeders of performance Angus cattle.
Volume #2 (540) 967-2334  Spring Edition

The Q-Brand Angus Bulls Prove To Be A Hot Spring Commodity:

With the combined genetic strength of the Wampler and Quaker Hill programs the "Q"Brand bulls set the pace at the Culpeper Jr. Bull Test Sale. Eight Quaker Hill Angus bulls sold to average $1875. The second high indexing bull overall was included in this group of QHF bulls. He was a Royce 741C son selling for $3,000 to Kenwood Ltd. Partnership in Orange. Special thanks to Muddy Creek Farm of Buckingham, Michael Haines of W.Va., Estes Cattle Co. of Louisa, Joe Henshaw of Madison, and Silver Bell Ltd. Partnership of Manassas for purchasing our other top notch bulls at Culpeper.

Private Treaty sales at the farm have been strong this spring. Special thanks to each of the following farms for investing in Quaker Hill Genetics: Scharp Angus of Illinois, Lin Jones, Alvin Thomas, & Ernest Bowling of Buckingham, WD Harris of Spotsylvania, Glenn Martin of Hanover, Bobby Marks, Russell Smith & Danny Bickley of Louisa, and JoCo Farms of Bedford, Virginia. Thanks to all these fine farms as we close in on thirty yearling bulls sold in March and April.

Synchronization Trial Results:

The results from our spring breeding trials are included in this edition of the Quarterly, as promised. The heifers were feed MGA for 14 days and then given a shot of Lutalyse 19 days later. 24 heifers were in this group in which 95% of the heifers cycled in three days. They were all bred AI with the following results: 96% overall conception rate with 83% bred AI.

A version of the Co-synch program was used on 55 cows from the herd. A 2cc shot of GnRH was given followed seven days later with a shot of Lutalyse. Cows were bred on observed heat for 64 hours. Then all cows which had not cycled were run through the chute and given a second shot of GnRH and bred AI. The results were amazing, the overall conception rate was 98% with 69% safe AI. The real question we had was about the cows that we had never seen in heat? Was it going to be a waste of good semen? Absolutely not! 19 cows were given a second shot and bred without observed heat with the following results: 11 of 19 bred AI for a 58% success rate. Key factors that contributed to the success of the Synch programs were the body condition score and only cows 35 days past calving were used in the program.

The Spring Herdsires Announced:

The 6807 sons will continue to be our focus over the next several years. We have again selected ABS sensation Plowman of Millbrae, Select Sire’s Rito 6I6 and the new ABS bull, GAR 6807 Traveler 4144. These half brothers have unparalleled genetic strength and when used in tandem on our GDAR Traveler 044 & RR Daquante daughters we expect unmatched linebred genetic reach. We will be the source of predictable, concentrated, reliable genetics with over 100 calves expected by these bulls in the next 12 months at QHF. Quaker Hill has Plowman’s full brother, 627D, as our natural service sire & OCC Eureka 865E.

 BW    +3.4
 WW  +62
 MM   +15
 YW  +107
 MB   +.08
 RE    +.08
 FT    -.02
 RP    +.02
PLOWMAN 1627 of Millbrae SAR              

  BW     -4
  WW  +44
  MM   +21
  YW  +95
  MB   +.05
  RE    +.11
  FT   -.02
  RP   +.03

Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807

GAR 6807 Traveler 4144

Thanks for your Support and for reading this edition of the Quartlerly.